Vidverify Mortgage

Borrower's Assistance

VidVerify is a tool that your lender uses to assist you, their borrower, in understanding the loan process and certain features of your loan. You will receive a series of short videos throughout your loan process that will explain your paperwork, loan type and certain stages as your loan progresses through the approval process and beyond. While these videos do not replace your review of written disclosures and do not substitute for communicating with your loan officer, they offer critical information to aid you in making the right decisions about your loan. As you review the videos, you can discuss any issues and ask your loan officer questions. Taking out a mortgage is a big decision and a lender using VidVerify wants you to understand the process and rest easy at closing. One Borrower writes:

" This is a WONDERFUL way to explain the loan process to us lay people! Not that I wouldn't want to talk to Henry on the phone for hours and hours, but your videos really made everything very clear! Thanks so much! "

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